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Coaching With Jakob

Welcome to Coaching with Jakob.

I coach primarily men and mainly within 3 areas:

Sexuality: Cultivate, Channel and Master Your Sexual Energy:

Mastering your sexual energy is one of the most rewarding things you can learn as a man. It brings confidence, calmness, energy and great satisfaction in bed, for both you and your partner. It cures or greatly improves upon most of the common male sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, etc. And it can drastically rekindle the flame in a relationship where the sexual spark has dissipated.

Relationships: Truth, Freedom & Love – A Model for a New Kind of Relationship:

I believe in a kind of relationship that is ruthlessly honest and fully embracing of one another. A kind of relationship that supports you in becoming the full you, instead of limiting you in it, and which at the same time gives a meaningful contribution to the world. Such a relationship requires courage, commitment and the willingness to grow, and if you cultivate that it can be tremendously rewarding.

Manhood: Become The Man You Are Meant To Be – And Give Your Gifts From There:

What does it mean to be a man today? There is no clear formula for that any longer. But no matter who you are, there are certain steps and certain experiences that will undoubtedly mature you as a man and human being – and benefit you tremendously. The ”12 Initiatory Steps To Becoming A Man” are 12 such steps. Working with them will get you to know yourself deeper, and bring you in touch with your unique potential as a man and the gifts that you have to give.

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Being Men Today:

It is my experience that when these 3 life areas are functioning well and in alignment with one another, men lead happy and purposeful lives. They are content, confident and meaningful contributors to their communities. Fatherhood is a fourth vital area for many, yet I see plenty of men living meaningful lives without having children. If they do, though, they are typically ’fathers’ of something else, being leaders, teachers, etc.

Generally speaking, I experience a strong need for developing a new way of being and becoming men in today’s world. One that recognizes that being a man is different from being a woman and one that can help men deepen and mature into that unique experience. From that place, from a place of mutual respect and understanding, and from the recognition of the obvious judicial and political equality of the sexes – we can engage in fruitful and meaningful relationships with women. In such a relationship we don’t have to fight over each other’s differences, instead we can use them to our advantage in creating families, businesses and other things of value to our societies.

Coaching With Me – What You Can Expect:

I do my best to understand your unique situation. I know tools and practises that can be of benefit to you in your life as a man, and I always do my best to adapt them to your particular situation. This means that I will ask a lot of questions, particularly in the beginning, to get a sense of where you are at. Later on I may suggest you certain new ways of understanding your situation or part of it. I may recommend you a particular practise to follow, or give you certain techniques to do at home.

I work with empowerment. I coach you to become the master of your unique life situation. You will not be able to control everything around you, and that is not the idea. But you can learn to master yourself, in any situation, and make the best of it. It is also my explicit intention to help you accept the different parts of yourself that may be in conflict. I believe the best solutions lie where we can get all our inner voices to agree.

I may also challenge you sometimes, on some of your actions or core beliefs, if I sense that they don’t serve you. In other words, you can expect the truth from me, as I perceive it. It will not be the absolute truth, but it may help you see certain aspects of your life in a new light, which can be helpful in the process. In general, I will do my best to guide you through the situation that you are facing, with as much clarity, truthfulness and empathy as possible.

I, of course, have a vow of silence, which you can read about in the Terms & Privacy Policy.

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