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About Jakob

My name is Jakob Kaergaard. I work as a men’s coach and men’s group facilitor based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Particularly, I teach men the key yogic and tantric techniques to master their sexual energy – The Vital Force Sexual Mastery practise – which has a whole range of beneficial impacts on sexual satisfaction, self-confidence, health and relationships.

I chose to develop this practise because I see it as one of the most effective ways to kickstart a personal development process for a man. And many men need that. They live in their heads, their sexuality is not connected with the rest of their bodies, and they often don’t know what they feel. Needless to say, this is not a very good place from where to engage with the strong, self-assured women of our times. Men need a new way of being men, one that allows them to be the full version of themselves, and mastering and working with their sexual energy is a very concrete and effective way to start that process.

I hold a Master’s degree in philosophy and history. I have been involved with men’s work since 2005, privately and through various workshops, several with David Deida. I am fascinated with the depth and multiplicity of the human soul, and thus I have explored a wide range of human expressions. I have been a juggler and circus artist; a model for figure drawing and a clothes maker. Particularly I have used creative writing as a way to uncover new parts of myself and put them in order. I also hold a Shodan degree in Shotokan karate and have (in some periods) been a serious meditation practitioner. The tantric approach to sexuality and relationships has been part of my life since 2003.

I believe that the quest for meaning is going to be central for people in our Western societies for many years to come. The spiritual core of our civilisation has withered away with Christianity and now we are trying to fill that hole with spiritual disciplines and ideas from near and far. There is no clear way in which to live anymore. Whereas this can be confusing, it is also a great opportunity. It is an opportunity – which we probably have to a greater extent than anyone before us in history – to become the full expression of who we truly are. And from there to give our best gifts to the world. This is what I want to inspire people to do with my work.