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Relationships: Truth, Freedom & Love – a Model for a new kind of Relationship

There is a new kind of relationship emerging. It is a relationship where you embrace yourself and each other fully. It is a relationship where the values of truth, freedom and love are in the forefront.

Truth as in being true to yourself and communicating your truth along the way with your partner. Both the easy, delightful and enjoyable truths and the more difficult ones.

Freedom for you and your partner to express who you are, inside and outside your relationship. Especially as this changes over time while you develop as a human beings. This can be difficult if your partner expresses a new side of themselves that you haven’t seen before. This often creates fear because ”will that part of them fit inside the relationship?”. Instead, try to do the opposite: Embrace this new side of your partner with curiosity and love.

Love as the glue that binds you together, the deep longing to connect, the willingness to overcome the obstacles and the apparantly unbridgeable differences.

We need this new kind of relationship. Whether we want it or not we are at a point in our society and cultural development where all our basic needs have been met. Which means that self-development and the continuous growth and expression of ourselves as human beings come still more to the forefront of our lives. And thus also our relationships.

We can choose to acknowledge this and grow with it. Courageously exploring all the different nuances of our partner and ourselves, light and dark, delightful and challenging. Battling with some of them, smoothing others, negotiating how to express them. And then unifying them with love and acceptance.

If we take this attitude, our relationship can become one of the greatest tools for human and spiritual growth. Or we don’t and the relationship will gradually stiffen and die. Life wants to live and grow, also through us and our relationships. You either let it grow and expand or it will die eventually.

It is a kind of relationship that requires a lot of commitment. Because your partner for sure will press your buttons along the way, and you will sometimes want to run away. It also requires a great willingness to look at your own blind spots and shortcomings. And it requires the willingness to try things out, sometimes succeed, sometimes fail, rise up and try again.

The reward can be great though. The reward can be a relationship where you can be fully you – without being an asshole, obviously, and still adapting yourself to your relationship and your family – but without compromising fundamentally on who you are. Who your partner is. And who you are becoming together.

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