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Terms & Privacy Policy

Coaching is a tool that can bring greater clarity to what you are facing in your life. It can empower you, it can motivate you, it can give you new insights and tools to deal with difficult situations. However, remember that coaching is not a miracle recipee and remember that you are always fully responsible for the way you use the coaching, the actions you take and the consequences thereof. By using the services of VitalUnit Coaching you agree to this, and to never hold the company or anyone associated with it liable to any adverse effects, real or imagined, resulting from the use these services.

Concercing the Vital Force Sexual Mastery practise, remember that it is not a substitute for professional health care or advice by certified health care professionals. If you experience any problems whatsoever regarding your sexuality or sexual organs you should always get a qualified opinion by your doctor. You use the techniques and advice of the Vital Force Sexual Mastery programme at your own risk, and can never hold VitalUnit Coaching or anyone associated with it, responsible for any problem or adverse effects, real or imagined, resulting from the practise.

Privacy policy:

I have a vow of silence which I take very seriously. That means that what you share with me stays with me. For professional purposes, I may share elements of your case with another therapist in completely anonymised form, in order to get feedback and useful input. This is only to help you and future clients, you will be unidentifiable, and the other coach or therapist will also have a vow of silence. Other than this, absolutely none of your information will be shared with anyone else.