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Polarity In Practice – Intensive

13-14 May, Copenhagen, Denmark

This version of Polarity In Practice is a weekend-workshop. After numerous requests we decided to create this weekend, taking the best from the Polarity-evenings, but with time to go deep. If you would like to get to know yourself and your way of relating better, then this is the workshop for you.

The intensive will take place in wonderful Soulhouse, where we normally are. Saturday afternoon we will land together and train some fundamental ways in which to work with polarity. Saturday night we will celebrate the mystery of polarity between the masculine and feminine. On Sunday we will integrate, process and keep on playing.—Sunday includes a light and delicious lunch. Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in, including something that fits for a Saturday night celebration. We look forward to seeing you!

Polarity in Practice is for those who want to cultivate, explore and play with polarity and intimacy in a safe and guided room together with others.—Together we explore the possibilities of attraction and healing that arise when we cultivate polarity and intimacy between the masculine and feminine poles.

The terms “masculine / feminine” we use as expressions of two different energetic poles that naturally attract each other. This is not gender-based, since everyone contains masculine and feminine energy. Rather, they are ‘modes of being’ which we can learn to strengthen in order to create spark and presence in a relationship. Therefore, we are not so interested in the biological division between man and woman, as we are concerned with how we can make the energies flow between us.

We will do exercises in groups and couples where we explore contact, presence and devotion. This allows us to become more aware of the reactions, limits, wishes and needs we have in relationships with other people. In many ways, Polarity in Practice is a relationship school.

Each evening will contain both something new as well as recurring elements from workshop to workshop. Exercises with movement, touch, limits and eye contact will begin every evening. These exercises have a purpose and value in themselves, and at the same time they aim to bring us to the point where we are ready to go into the subsequent exercises.

We are dedicated to making each evening a unique, fun and learning experience, and each evening has its own program and course. Therefore, Polarity In Practice is both for those who have not been with us before, and for those who may for the first time wish to explore polarity in a workshop setting.

You can come alone or you can come with a partner. If you come alone, you will have the opportunity to practise creating intimacy and polarity with ourself and in close relationships with different people.

If you come with your partner, you can do the various couple exercises together. The goal is that we all get better at creating polarity and intimacy with ourselves and those of our choosing.There are some simple rules for the workshop: No nudity, no kisses and no touch of intimate body parts. Everything should be done in full respect of the other participants in the room. We use each other to get deeper into the mystery of intimacy and attraction, learning to navigate it consciously. This requires a fundamental respect and an open mind.


May 13-14th. The times are:
Saturday 12 – 22
Sunday 11 – 17


Soulhouse, Hørsholmsgade 20 3. sal, 2200 København N


Women’s ticket: 2450 Dkr.  –  Buy it here
Man’s ticket: 2450 Dkr.         – Buy it here

Tickets are non-refundable, but you may sell it or pass it on. Just remember to inform us about name and email of the buyer.

About us:

Jakob Kaergaard
Jakob works as a men’s coach and sexologist at He developed the Vital Force Sexual Mastery practice, which teaches men to master their sexual energy.He teaches this in online and physical courses and recently published his book ‘Better Sex, Man!’ which also presents the practice. Jakob holds a Master’s Degree in philosophy and history and has worked with meditation, yoga, martial arts, tantra, coaching and men’s groups in the past 20 years.

Rikke Libak
Rikke teaches free form/conscious dance on a daily basis, both as drop-in classes and as longer workshops and retreats. In addition, she facilitates Ritual Play.For more than 20 years, Rikke has been curious about polarity in the interpersonal, as a force that arouses attraction, desire and eros. For the past 5 years she has been a co-facilitator at the Nordic Women’s Gathering and in the coming autumn/winter she is a co-creator of a 3-month women’s group course in Copenhagen.Rikke is a trained nurse and mindfulness instructor (MBSR) and has worked with stress research for several years. Privately, she has 2 daughters and has been with her husband for 30 years.

Jakob Kærgaard & Rikke Libak